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    Engage your entire body in a high-intensity workout that builds strength, cardio and explosive power with the Everlast Flex Slam Ball. This tool provides a full-body, functional fitness workout that builds explosiveness, speed, and stamina. Incorporating this ball into your cardio and strength training workouts will help you target the arms, back, abdominals, and legs. With durable construction and sand-filled, flexible rubber casing, this new workout addition is optimal for shock absorption and will outlast your current and future fitness needs. It's ideal for explosive techniques during cross-training, HIIT workouts, strength and conditioning exercises.


    The Everlast Flex Slam Ball provides a full body, functional fitness workout that builds explosiveness, speed, and staminaPerfect for cross training, HIIT workouts, boot camps, and moreDurable construction will provide years of use while sand filled, flexible rubber casing is designed for optimal shock absorptionEach item is put through hundreds of slam tests to ensure durability over timeComes in 10lb, 15lb or 20lb



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