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    Use a Little – Use a Lot!

    Effervescent bubbling fizzing bath bombs.

    They fizz and create bubbles ALL ON THEIR OWN when you toss them into your filled tub, creating colorful bubbles!

    Birthday Cake fragrance- Smells so much like the real thing because that’s GOT TO BE what unicorn poop smells like!

    Packaged in a Stand up resealable pouch. Good for several baths!

    The color will color the water but not stain your tub. We color our bombs to make them pretty, not to color you or your tub – these bombs don’t make a mess in your tub., and won’t clog the jets in your whirlpool.

    We believe we have found the formula for smiles and happiness, disguised as a bath bomb.

    Hand Crafted in Nova Scotia.

    Due to these being hand made in small batches the bombs will vary in appearance. 


    Materials: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Colour, Fragrance Oil

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    3.0 oz

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    Little Luxuries Soapworks


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